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Business Coaching Success Stories:


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Business Coaching Success Stories

Diane Roddy – Roddy Resources Inc.

I felt a business coach was essential during start-up, when everything was new and I was feeling “out on a limb.” I needed Action COACH Kent for encouragement, building confidence, getting through the start-up questions, and setting goals and strategies. There are many resources out there, but I found that a personal… read more “Diane Roddy – Roddy Resources Inc.”

Diane Roddy
Roddy Resources Inc.

Roger Hamel – CDI International

I found the service of Action COACH Kent to be very enlightening. He gave me the opportunity to detach myself from the day to day operations of my company and spend time planning and analyzing formats and procedures. He also gave me the opportunity to safely air my concerns and… read more “Roger Hamel – CDI International”

Roger Hamel
CDI International

Ron Fry – President Central Air Equipment

Until I met Kent and Action COACH, I was working 60 to 75 hours a week, burned out and helpless to get out of the rut. Now six months later, I work approximately 45 hours a week with the help of my new staff. I delegate better, hire better, with… read more “Ron Fry – President Central Air Equipment”

Ron Fry
Central Air Equipment

Dave Gross – Manager – Sales Department – New Way Irrigation

The coaching experience for our company has been a great and beneficial experience overall. Our company has experienced positive changes in the following ways;
We have learned to ask questions differently to better understand situations

Dave Gross
New Way Irrigation

Don Fletcher – Manager – Service Department – New Way Motorsports

The way I work has totally changed; the efficiency of both me and my team has increased. After just 3 months of working with Kent Boehm two of the initiatives I have implemented are already starting to significantly pay off. I started doing a daily team meeting and my team… read more “Don Fletcher – Manager – Service Department – New Way Motorsports”

Don Fletcher
New Way Motorsports

Theresa Gregory – 3rd Generation owner Tuxedo Source for Sports

There are 2 things that come to mind when I think of Kent and the impact he has had on our team; communication and client appreciation. Working with Kent over the past 1.5 years communication has improved, more than just improved we have some now where we had little to… read more “Theresa Gregory – 3rd Generation owner Tuxedo Source for Sports”

Theresa Gregory
Tuxedo Source for Sports

Bob Duncan – founder Duncan Group

Kent’s ability in business has been a key to the success that my boys have realized in business. I never had a business coach and I would never have spent the money – now I realize it was to my detriment and to that of the people I worked with.… read more “Bob Duncan – founder Duncan Group”

Bob Duncan
Duncan Group


“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”– Benjamin Franklin

ActionCOACH Kent has the play-book with all the best plays to help your team find the right path to success.  With ActionCOACH Kent in your corner, your team is guaranteed to score.

Coach Kent's game plans socres goals
Coach Kent can help your team crush the competition!


It’s tough out there… but you are not alone.  ActionCOACH Kent and his team have helped hundreds of teams just like yours realize their full potential.

With all that experience it’s a safe bet that ActionCOACH Kent can help your team crush the competition!


Find out just how much your business is worth, for free.

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Business Coaching:
Make Your Own Business Dream Machine

(A message from Kent Boehm)

Welcome to the next step in your Business Success story.

You are here for likely one of two reasons:

  • Our business coaching office here in Calgary did something to get your attention.
  • You’re curious about taking your business to the next level and searched online for business coaching.

And here you are.

You are likely a business owner (in Calgary or elsewhere) or want to be one.

We have designed this website with two things in mind:

  • You
  • Your business and the stage of growth it is in

We can help you transition your business into a dynamic and exciting personal dream machine. Finally, you’ll fulfil your business goals and financial dreams.

It’s time to abolish business and lifestyle apathy once and for all.

Go ahead and click the blue buttons to the right, click the one that feels like your current experience or click them all. Each page tells a story of the various stages of business growth.

There are also stories and testimonials from hundreds of clients that we have successfully transitioned through the various stages of business development, over the past 10 plus years.

At any point in time feel free to call 403.690.8363 or email me directly at kent@ninebusinessgroup.ca to learn more about how our team can work with you to move your company to the next stage of business success.


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